Important events

16.09.2015 – inz. agr. Aleksandar Spirkoski defended his master thesis "Epitrix hirtipennis Melsh.-pest on tobacco in the Republic of Macedonia".

14.09.2012 - On the Forum on Oriental Tobacco, organized by the International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA), Scientific Tobacco Institute – Prilep was appointed as coordinator of all countries - producers of oriental tobacco, in view of the threats coming from the proposed Directives of the World Health Organization (WHO) related to Articles 17 and 18 of the Framework Convention of Tobacco Control, which will be held in Seoul this year.

25.07.2012 - MSci Milan Mitreski defended his doctoral dissertation entitled “Comparative investigations of the major productional, technological and qualitative characters in some Prilep tobacco varieties”.

24.09.2010 - With presentation "New achievements in the field of tobacco production", Tobacco Institute attended the event Researchers' Night - Research visibility - Macedonia 2010 (presenter: Prof. Dr Marija Srbinoska)

25.08.2010 - Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Office for Phytosanitary inspection from China and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy of the Republic of Macedonia paid a visit to Tobacco Institute-Prilep. During the visit, the delegation was acquainted with various useful information on all segments of tobacco production. The delegation visited the accredited laboratories of the Institute, the Experimental field and the Tobacco Museum, as well.

28.05.2010 - Agr. Blaze Filiposki defended his master thesis "Balance sheet analysis of tobacco in the Republic of Macedonia".

07.05.2010 - Eng. Andjelka Kostic-Stojiljkovic defended her master thesis "Contribution to the investigation of contemporary methods in reduction of tars, nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke".