Scientific-research work

The main task of TIP is to improve production, procession and economics of tobacco crop.

The scientific-research work in this institution is performed in several courses, which include:

In the past eight decades, scientific workers of TIP published over 2000 scientific and professional papers.
In the same period, 203 scientific-research project have been completed and 6 are in process of realization.
Results achieved by scientific and research workers of TIP have been presented at a great number of congresses, symposia and advisory meetings in the country and abroad. Tobacco Institute with its varieties V53 (Virginia) and B2/93 (Burley) is a participant in the long-term CORESTA project on pathogenicity of Peronospora tabacina. In the investigations made so far, V53 have shown remarkable results.

Tobacco Institute-Prilep is a member of the international organization for tobacco research - CORESTA.,
The Institute has a fruitful scientific-research cooperation with the following institutions:

  • Tobacco Institute-Bergerac, France
  • Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute- Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Faculty of Agriculture - Belgrade, Serbia
  • Institute of Medicinal Plants Research- Belgrade, Serbia
  • Soil Research Institute- Belgrade, Serbia
  • Faculty of Technology - Belgrade, Serbia
  • Institute of Agricultural Economics-Belgrade, Serbia
  • Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops-Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Bitola, R. Macedonia