Laboratory for quality control of soil, water, fertilizers and plant material


Accredited methods:

  1. Pretreatment of samples for physico-chemical analysis - ISO 11464:2006;
  2. Determination of total nitrogen- Modified Kjeldahl method - ISO 11261:1995
  3. Determination of pH - ISO 10390:2005;
  4. Determination of organic carbon and humus by Turin, modified in Tobacco Institute-Prilep
    - Practicum on agrochemistry, D-r R. Dzamic et co.,1996;
  5. Determination of carbonate content - Volumetric method - ISO 10693:1995
  6. Determination of available phosphorus and potassium - Ammonium-lactate method , modified in TIP
    - Practicum on agrochemistry, D-r R. Dzamic et co.,1996
  7. Extraction of heavy metals soluble in aqua regia - ISO 11047: 1998;
  8. Mechanical content of soil - Pipette method with sodium pyrosulphate*
    - Practicum on pedology, Dr R.M. Korunovic and Dr S.S. V. Stojanovic, 1989;
* Non-accredited method