Publishing activity

TIP has its own publishing activity by which it continuously presents scientific-research and professional achievements related with tobacco. It includes monographs, bibliographical works, practicums, handbooks, catalogues and annual reports.

From 1951 TIP continuously issues the international publication TUTUN/TOBACCO, a unique scientific journal on tobacco in the Republic of Macedonia.

Instructions for submission of papers and for subscription and the last issue of TUTUN/TOBACCO can be found at


  • Knowledge and procession of tobacco raw (additional edition), Prof.Dr Dusko Boceski: Tobacco Institute-Prilep, p. 673, 2003, Prilep.
  • Tobacco in the Republic of Macedonia, Dr Josif Mickovski, Art and Science Society_prilep, p.420, 2004, Prilep.
  • Practicum on agrotechnics, Dr. Kiril Filiposki, Dr Valentina Pelivanoska, Dr Jordan Trajkoski, Tobacco Institute-Prilep, p. 141, 2004, Prilep.
  • Practicum on protection of tobacco, Dr Vera Dimeska, Dr Iskra Hristoska, M.Sci. Biljana Gveroska, M.Sci. Vesna Krsteska, Tobacco Institute-Prilep, p. 43, 2004, Prilep.
  • Practicum on chemistry of tobacco, M. Sci. Marija Srbinoska, M.Sci. Cvetanka Peruseska, Tobacco Institute-Prilep.
  • Practicum on tobacco technology. M.Sci. Milan Smokvoski, Eng. Sabotko Stojkoski, Tobacco Institute-Prielp, p.47, 2004, Prilep.
  • Practicum on tobacco genetics, selection and seed control. Dr Ana Korubin-Aleksoska, Dr Miroslav Dimitrieski, Dr Gordana Miceska, Tobacco Institute_prielp, p.40, 2004, Prilep.
  • Catalogue of registered tobacco varieties of Tobacco Institute-Prielp. Dr Ana Korubin-Aleksoska, Tobacco Institute-Prilep, p.77, 2004, Prielp.
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  • Monograph - 85 years of the scientific activity of Tobacco Institute-Prilep, Dr Kiril Filiposki, p. 92, 2009, Prilep
  • Flyer on the 85th anniversary of Tobacco Institute-Prilep
  • Tobacco Herbology, Dr Vera Dimeska, p. 159, 2008, Prilep

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